DJ Scarpe




public DJ-Gig at the camping-field of Air beat 2003

- first payed DJ-Gig in a discotheque in

- Germany Braunschweig (Toxic Club) in 2006

- Germany Hamburg (Gleiss 4) in 2008

- Germany Hamburg (Neue Münze) in 2008

- Germany Braunschweig (Toxic Club) in 2008

- Germany Hamburg (Ur-Knall) in 2008

- Germany Heide/Holstein (Westcoast) in 2008

- Germany Hamburg (Gleiss 4) in 2009

- Germany Hamburg (Vibe Club) in 2009

- Germany Braunschweig (Toxic Club) in 2009

- Germany Hamburg (Abriss Party in der Hafencity) in 2009

- Germany Hamburg (Neue Münze) in 2010

- Germany Braunschweig (Toxic Club) in 2010

- Germany Ansbach  (PM) in 2014

- Germany Ansbach (Tanzhaus Alpenmax) in 2014

 - Germany Ansbach (Barfly) in 2014

- Germany Ansbach (PM) in 2014

- Germany Dachau (Nachtschicht) in Nov.2014

- Germany Dachau (Nachtschicht) in Dez.2014


Since I'm not deejaying professionally performing or maybe a regular job and my family is very important, I put in time based only on so-called house parties or make music studio. and to me you can also web radio stations such as handset. about current radio gig I hold you here on my home course to date.


Over current radio gigs I'll keep you here on my homepage of course up to date.